The Mirror

Every time I had an encounter with one manager in particular, it left a bad taste in my mouth. He always rubbed me the wrong way. He was brash, critical, confrontational, always working towards objectives, and broke everything (including people) down into numbers. He wanted everything done now. This worked really well in a business setting, especially as a manager. He just didn’t come across to me as nice or caring, which I held in higher regard. It wasn’t until I started taking a look deep inside myself that I realized we are very a like. The characteristics that pushed me away from him were things I pushed away from myself. I could have easily have been him. Every interaction with him was me interacting with my repressed self. The self that was pushed down from being taught to be nice and patient and to put peoples feeling above business. 

I started seeing myself in everyone and everyone in myself. I took one step closer to feeling the oneness that is the Universe. We are closer than brothers and sisters. 

“Strangers passing in the street, by chance to separate glances meet, and I am you and what I see is me”
–“Echoes” by Pink Floyd




Into the Garage

My spare time has been greatly reduced as more responsibility has been put upon me. Gone are the days of fiddling around and idle thinking. The time I have set aside for constructive outlets (music, painting, think-tanking) has been reduced to almost nil. I found it is critical to take advantage and relish in the little free time I find.

What happens to all of the imagination and creative ideas when there is no time to entertain them?

I have been putting them to the side. New song ideas, poems, short stories; they are all being put in the garage. The good news is, they are stored safely. Every thing used to have it’s own place but the garage is overflowing. I am about to find out what happens once it can’t hold any more.
Will there be a burst of creativity that can’t be stopped, interferring with my responsibilities?
Maybe, like I am doing now, I will make different us of my time.  Instead of working out or eating lunch I am posting this thought dump. It feels like this post is being forced out of the garage window.
Will I be able to sort through the mess when it comes time?
Will I remember my thoughts and intentions?
Will I remember me?

My fear is getting so soaked into these recent responsibilities that I change and I can’t find my core.