Blurring the Lines

The line between a true memory and something imagined isn’t very clear. They play on the same screen in my mind’s eye. What I did yesterday lives in the same place, with the same clarity, as what I did back in high school. I noticed recently that things I have imagined also live on the same reel of tape. This realization has raised a lot of questions. The journey to answer them has been an enjoyable learning experience. Here are some questions I have been sitting on.

In what ways can imagining a trip or event be a suitable replacement for actually taking one?

How does reading tie into this?

Can I use my imagination to change true events in such a way they are no longer true but appear as a memory? Have I already done this?

Can imagination be used as a self-help tool to boost confidence or increase self-esteem? i.e. Imagining winning awards, helping people, accepting praise from parents and peers.

As I journey through these questions, I am finding a lot of interesting things about the brain, emotions, and spirituality. In regards to reading, it looks like the brain fires in a way that is similar to actually experiencing the event or action you are reading about. 

Things for my readers to contemplate:
Can you distingush a real memory from an imagined one?
Can you alter the memory?
How does it feel when you do?
How sure are you of your memory?
How do you use your imagination in modern day life where so much is laid out for you?

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