Death Dreams

There is a magical feeling when I look up at the night sky. Each star, winking at us from the past. It is easy to feel very small when compared to the infinite vastness of space and the seer size of the universe. Looking at the stars and taking a minute to be contemplative helps me keep things in perspective. 

During grade school, most of my friends didn’t really talk about space and the stars. I understood if they weren’t into it, yet I couldn’t help but to keep looking up.  Entering adulthood and the information age has been a blessing to me. I found there are tons of people who have similar thoughts and wonders. I can connect easily to them via the internet. Anything I wish to talk or learn about is available. I found an ocean of people looking up at the stars along with me. 

A lot of questions about space and life remain unanswered and, as I get older, I think more and more about death. Death comes to all yet nobody knows what happens. There is a lot of speculation and theories, but nothing solid to put trust in. A recent star-gazing session led me to draw connections between death, space, and my feelings. 

When I leave here, I hope I can travel the universe. I want to bathe in its mysteries. I hope I can be everywhere at once and know all there is to know. I want to hold the universe in my hand, while still being able to experience a ride on an electron. I want to feel every vibration the universe has to offer as my energy is melded into it. I want to live its memories and walk side-by-side with it into its future.