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Final Fantasy 1 NES Character Development

Final Fantasy One didn’t put much focus on story and virtually nothing on the player-character’s development. I get a kick reading reviews that mark this as a negative. I get why, but I find it to be a plus.

Upon starting the game you pick the classes and the names of your heroes. This is much like a tabletop adventure where you basically build the character. I feel Final Fantasy One didn’t need any character development to be a good game. It focused on the adventure with a party you created. You can give them any sort of backstory you wish. I would typically name them after myself and a few friends I felt like taking on an adventure.

While I can appreciate the character development and stories of the latter games, I miss creating the characters myself. Imagination played a bigger role and I found added to the fun.

This goes a bit for writing and storytelling in general. I am like when there are some gaps where I get to fill in the blanks. It is fun to get only a few important details. I can imagine the rest in a way that I can relate to and makes sense to me.

The MMOs did a pretty good job of allowing you to build a character in their world. Not much backstory is given and you are almost along for the adventure and can make up a lot of details to bring your character to life. It may be why I played MMOs a lot back when I had time.