Into the Garage

My spare time has been greatly reduced as more responsibility has been put upon me. Gone are the days of fiddling around and idle thinking. The time I have set aside for constructive outlets (music, painting, think-tanking) has been reduced to almost nil. I found it is critical to take advantage and relish in the little free time I find.

What happens to all of the imagination and creative ideas when there is no time to entertain them?

I have been putting them to the side. New song ideas, poems, short stories; they are all being put in the garage. The good news is, they are stored safely. Every thing used to have it’s own place but the garage is overflowing. I am about to find out what happens once it can’t hold any more.
Will there be a burst of creativity that can’t be stopped, interferring with my responsibilities?
Maybe, like I am doing now, I will make different us of my time.  Instead of working out or eating lunch I am posting this thought dump. It feels like this post is being forced out of the garage window.
Will I be able to sort through the mess when it comes time?
Will I remember my thoughts and intentions?
Will I remember me?

My fear is getting so soaked into these recent responsibilities that I change and I can’t find my core. 

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