No Where to Hide

A series of connected stories about having to face reality. These tales are in the first person perspective of our hero Liam Bard, a man caught in a role he doesn’t fit in, fighting a war he never wanted. 
By: Philip Cosentino


Face to Face

Time to face the machine.  I was able to distract myself long enough, but now I have to worry about it; now it is inevitable.  There is no more hiding, excuses, or screwing around.  The longer I avoid it, the weaker I become.  The odds of coming up on top are about as good as they are going to get.  This mechanized demon simply doesn’t stop.  What’s worse is the longer it is allowed to hunt the stronger it gets.  It learns more of my weaknesses.  I thought I could ignore it, and for a while I even forgot about it.  The second I regain focus or even think about it, there it is.  With all weapons pointed at me.  Looking bigger and badder then I remember.  I am not ready to fight this battle, nor do I possess the skills or have a leader to follow into the field.
There isn’t a choice.
The machine will never stop.