What is Freedom?

I heard a radio commerical for an afternooon radio show on my way into the office. The radio host proclaimed “That’s my idea of freedom!” Which lead me to ask myself the question. “Her idea of freedom? How can freedom be different from one person to the next? Either you are free or your not, right?

The answers weren’t so simple. In a general sense as long as you can do things you want to do without something getting in your way you are free. It looks like freedom is tightly bound to the things a person wants to do, which aren’t universal. The radio host wants the freedom to say what she wants, when she wants. That’s her freedom, not yours. You may find your freedom in getting your driver’s license, voting, dancing, singing, napping, etc. It can be anywhere. 

On the flip side, I don’t think we are ever truly free. We are restricted from true freedom by our biologic needs. We are bound by food, water, medicine, our bodies, etc. Even in death you may not be free to live. 

Somebody saying you are free may be placing their definition on your scenario. You may not feel free due to things they are not taking into account.

I think the idea is to find your idea of freedom and respect the freedom you seek may not be someone elses.