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Working Off That Covid Weight

This last year many of us had to put our routines to the side. We started working from home or not at all if you were laid off. Gyms closed and it was frowned upon to be out in public huffing and puffing around others. This caused a few extra pounds and falling out of shape in general.  

It looks like we are starting to transition back to some of the things we used to enjoy, which includes physical activity, manual labor, and sports. It is important to remember this last year was unusually tough both physically and mentally. 

I tried to jump right back into running with about 20 extra pounds. It didn’t go well. 2 weeks into a 12 mile a week routine and I was feeling pretty bad. It wasn’t just sore from lactic acid or a good workout. It was things like an achy knot in the hamstring, a tightened tendon on the side of my foot, a more sore than usual knee. 

I took a step back and decided a better approach would be to adjust my diet to help lose the extra weight. As I make my way down to a better weight I will gradually increase my miles and intensity.

Activities like walking very briskly, hitting the heavy bag, and yoga may be a good way to burn some calories, drop some weight, and get moving again.

It isn’t going to be easy for any of us. Remember to give yourself a little extra kindness and grace while you get back to top form.